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Content owner

All content, information and services provided on the website are the exclusive property of Bloody Fairy “hereinafter referred to as “the company”. The electronic documents, photographs, music and any general intellectual creation incorporated into the website belong to the company and the above mentioned persons in accordance with the applicable copyright legislation. The names, trademarks and logos included in the website belong to the company and/or the persons mentioned as owners of the relevant rights on the website and are protected in accordance with the applicable industrial property legislation.

Reproduction or exploitation of the content of the Website

Any usage, exploitation, publication, republication, reproduction, copying by mechanical or other means, with or without processing, of the content of the website and the services offered on it is prohibited, without our prior written permission, . Exceptionally, printing and copying of the websites and their content is permitted, provided that they are not altered, modified or altered in any way and only if they are intended for personal use by the user himself. It is prohibited to reproduce any element contained in the website, websites not owned or controlled by the company, even in the form of links or other means of reference to the website.


Any editing of the content of the website, including in particular the decompilation of the software contained therein or the editing of its source code in any way, is strictly prohibited. The visual presentation and design of each page of the website belongs exclusively to the company, In any case, all the content and services of the website are provided to its users exclusively for their personal use. Unless expressly provided otherwise, the trademarks, logos and other distinctive features belong to the company; and the software has been created by and belongs to “Bloody Fairy”.


It is reminded that any action taken with the purpose of causing damage to the systems, content, individual elements and the website in general, as well as any action aimed at damaging our interests, name, reputation, clientele, honour and reputation, constitute, among other things, criminal offences, and give us the right to take any legal action against the culprits in order to defend our interests. The same applies to any action that would be contrary to the instructions provided from time to time to users and visitors of the website, on specific pages of the website, regarding how to use the services offered.

Protection of personal data

From time to time, we may provide users of our services with various forms in which they will provide their (non-sensitive) personal information. This information is requested for the purpose of providing better service to users and for no other purpose. The aforementioned data are safeguarded in accordance with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data and are protected by various technical methods, so that third parties are not allowed access to these data, unless the users themselves consent otherwise in writing by positively filling in the relevant tickbox on the respective personal data submission forms or by accepting by any other technical means the possibility of third party access to the relevant data submission forms. In any case, any user has the right at any time to request the deletion of his/her data from our records. We also inform visitors that we keep data on website traffic for statistical purposes, but these data are kept anonymously and are not individualized per visitor.

Acceptance of terms

Visiting our website constitutes unconditional acceptance of these terms.

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