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We are a tattoo studio that provides high quality tattoos in a friendly environment. We use the latest equipment and techniques to create stunning tattoos that tell your unique story.

Realistic black and white - Σχετικά με εμάς - Bloody Fairy Tattoo Studio Ηράκλειο Κρήτης



The mastermind behind Bloody Fairy is Marios (Dostattoo). He already carries 10 years of professional experience in the art of tattooing. 5 of them he worked in Germany where he was repeatedly awarded for his work in competitions.

He is flexible and easily adapts to all kinds of tattoos. He has worked intensively with realism. He specializes in total coverage or correction of older tattoos and undertakes designs on damaged skin (cuts, scars, burns, etc.).

the power
    of the receptionist

At the reception you will be greeted by the psychologist of our heart. If you are one of those who “want to do something but don’t know what” she is your person! If you are a first timer and have endless questions she is here to solve them one by one.

Did you spend 6 hours in pain and don’t remember anything you were told about fresh tattoo care? Call, text, she’ll tell you over and over again. She listens carefully, asks targeted questions, gives specific answers and takes care of all your needs before, after and during the procedure.

Σχετικά με εμάς -Bloody Fairy Tattoo Studio Ηράκλειο Κρήτης

ΤHE Studio

Our studio in Heraklion, Crete. Here creativity and personal expression meet art on the best canvas: the human body.

Come and
     Meet us

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You will find us in the center of Heraklion. In the picturesque street of Aretousa at number 40. You can reach us on foot or by car. Our place is accessible for people with disabilities. Parking is available for our customers right outside the studio. Book your appointment and we’ll be waiting for you!

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