Small Tattoos

Express the most important moments of your life with a small and sentimental tattoo!

At Bloody Fairy Tattoo Therapy, we understand the importance of family, friendship and love. We create small tattoos that capture these important relationships and allow you to always have a piece of your loved ones with you.

At Bloody Fairy Tattoo Therapy, each tattoo is a personal and unique creation. With attention to detail, high quality colors and precise techniques, we guarantee that your tattoo will be an everlasting memory that will stay with you forever.

Complementary Tattoos

Discover the charm of complementary tattoos, where two designs are harmoniously linked to form a complete and unique artistic work. Choose tattoos that reflect the love, unity and solidarity in your relationships.

Matching Tattoos

Capture the connection with the significant others in your life through shared tattoos. Represent your relationship with a design that unites you, either a common symbol, a phrase or an important date.

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If you wish to capture a special relationship with a small and emotional piece of artwork , contact us today to book a

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